Apple TV Breaking New Horizons for Gaming

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Apple TV Breaking New Horizons for Gaming

With the entire hubbub surrounding Apple TV, one cannot help but wonder if it’s a mere TV like the name suggests or a new generation console like Xbox One/PS4? If the latter is true will it be competing for a share of the gaming market with the already established consoles? Apple TV by default is a digital media player with some console abilities thrown in for good measures. Physically, it’s just a shiny square box with no visible external controls, but looks can be deceiving.

Apple TV is capable of rendering 1080p graphics on the big screen. Thanks to its A8 processor, it can handle a fairly decent array of games, but doesn’t venture into AAA title category. So what kind of games can it handle? Mostly games that you can find already on iPad, iPhone and even some indie games that are playable on mainstream consoles. Earlier on, it was mentioned that no external controls are visible and that’s true. Apple TV has to be operated through external controllers. To operate Apple TV as a console, there’s a rudimentary controller provided which is akin to Wii’s motion controller. But for games that require more input, a third party controller called SteelSeries Nimbus is available (add $50 to the cost of course).

So the verdict is that Apple TV is not a potent threat to reigning gaming consoles at the moment. But it has tremendous potential to seriously threaten the console fiefdom if more games are developed for it.


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